Connecting Nursing Students with Older Adults

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Legal Resources on the Health Care Decision-Making Rights of People Living with Dementia

Today, we are happy to congratulate the Canadian Centre for Elder Law’s launch of their series of legal resources on the decision-making rights of people living with dementia! The resources include 3 short, simple animated videos and a booklet (available in English, French, Chinese and Punjabi).
Watch the videos and find the booklet here:
This work was funded by the Law Foundation of BC, the Notary Foundation, and the Vancouver Foundation. This work was a collaboration with the Alzheimer Society of B.C.

“A Voice that Needs to be Heard – Advocating While Living with Dementia”

Listen to Lori La Bey of Alzheimer’s Speaks Radio ( and Christine Thelker of Dementia Advocacy Canada ( speak about self-advocacy, the benefits of peer support, and more!

Portable Poetry Session-a-Day

For a daily dose of creativity, head over to this “portable poetry session-a-day” page:
The Alzheimer’s Poetry Project Minnesota, an offshoot of the Alzheimer’s Poetry Project (, is providing easy access to a poem, song, and visual art piece during these days of quarantine.
Enjoy a creative break, wherever you may be.

A reassuring message from Dementia Action Alliance USA: “Coping in Stressful Times”

Follow this link for a message from Dementia Action Alliance:



TimeSlips Webinar: Engagement in a Time of Quarantine

Some tips for maintaining social connectivity and promoting creativity with those living in long-term care!

Follow this link to listen and watch the recorded webinar session through Zoom:

Consider looking at TimeSlips’ Creativity Centre for more ideas:

Creating Connection & Building Community Through Play

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More information about the East Side Institute:


Funding Announcement

We are so happy to finally make this funding announcement!

The Public Health Agency of Canada has provided funding for Building Capacity for Meaningful Participation by People Living with Dementia. This project aims to work “in collaboration with community groups to build systems of support to reduce the isolation and stigma that so often surround dementia.”

Read the full story here:

Webinar hosted by Dr. Jennifer Baumbusch: Making SENSE with Families in Long-term Care: A Knowledge-to-Action Study

Link for registration:

More information on the study:

Reader’s Digest: Mario Gregorio

Reader’s Digest recently published a story with words from an interview with Mario Gregorio! Mario, an advocate for those living with dementia, discusses how he lives well with dementia and speaks about ways in which we can all keep healthy and socially engaged.…/read…/20190901/281483572978200