The IDEAL Study

IDEAL Study: Inviting Dialogue on Experiences of Active Involvement in Long-term Residential Care

Research Team: Jennifer Baumbusch (PI), Alison Phinney, Deborah O’Connor, Patricia (Paddy) Rodney, Catherine Ward-Griffin

Project Description:The purpose of this study is to develop a better understanding of how care is negotiated in long-term residential care (LTRC)  facilities. This is a 4-year critical ethnography that aims to generate a rich, contextualized understanding of the negotiation of care work in LTRC and to clarify factors (e.g. policies, best practices) needed to foster supportive collaborative relationships among families, residents and staff and improve the health and well-being of these groups. Specifically, this study will allow for an examination of the influence of socio-political and cultural contextual factors (e.g. Social locations: gender, class racialization; Organizational factors: healthcare funding, provincial policies, LTRC restructuring) on the negotiation of care work among residents, family members and staff.

Interim Report: IDEAL Site 1 Interim Report September 2015