Promoting Social Citizenship

Promoting Social Citizenship for People with Dementia through Community-Based Programming

Research Team: Alison Phinney (PI), Jennifer Baumbusch, Deborah O’Connor, Barbara Purves, Elizabeth Kelson

Funder: Alzheimer Society of Canada 2015-2017

Project Description: This is an ethnographic study with two purposes: (1) to understand how community programs help support social citizenship for people with dementia; (2) to evaluate different research methods for including the perspectives and opinions of people with dementia.

The aim of this research is to better understand how community-based programming can help people with dementia remain as active and engaged citizens. While this kind of programming is becoming more common, there has been almost no research examining its impact, especially from the perspective of participants themselves. We are studying two existing programs: a social recreation club for younger people with early onset dementia, and an adult day program for frail older people, many of whom have dementia. Results of this research will support social citizenship of people with dementia by improving our ability to understand the potential benefits of community-based programming.