Monthly Quotes from the Action Group


“I’m a human being and…I’ve got the whole package here…you’re just looking at one thing…” – November 2019


“When I left the last meeting I was just absolutely thrilled because I could see us…flipping stigma on its ear and turning it upside down and making it a comfortable place so dementia doesn’t have to be a horror show…” – October 2019



“I try and look at it…I’ve got this disease and I didn’t ask for it but here it is and so maybe there’s a message here…maybe I’m supposed to have this…as a role model for other people…” – September 2019



“I feel like theres a lot to be done about stigma because…for one thing…the patient…stigmatizes himself once he gets diagnosed… and that is a very distressing thing to deal with…and then the very word dementia itself is stigmatizing.” – July 2019